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One Sight

Do you have good vision? If so, you are blessed! There are literally millions of people globally who have poor vision, optical diseases, or little to no access to eye care. This is where global charity OneSight comes into play.

From their website: Each year, OneSight’s trained volunteers and doctors travel to countries worldwide to hand-deliver free primary vision care and eyewear to thousands of adults and children in need. Patients receive a thorough optical exam by licensed eye doctors and eyewear is dispensed. Sunglasses are dispensed to those not needing a prescription. To provide the best quality, complete care, we also partner with local ophthalmologists or international doctor outreach organizations to perform optical surgery for those patients referred from our Clinics.
Our trained volunteers distribute both recycled and new prescription eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses during Global Clinics.

  • Recycled eyewear is collected in Luxottica retail locations and Independent optometrist’s offices around the world. Trained volunteers then clean and prepare the eyewear for Clinics at one of 15 Global Eyewear Resource Centers in Australia, Italy and the United States. Two million pairs are needed annually to support our Clinics. Donate yours today at any LensCrafters, ILORI, Optical Shop of Aspen, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical or participating local practitioner. Find the donation location nearest you!
  • New eyewear is manufactured at Luxottica plants to help fill more complex prescriptions during Clinics.

In 2011, we will conduct 15 Clinics in 7 countries, including a first time visit to Gambia. To date, OneSight has completed close to 200 Clinics in 37 different countries, helping more than 3 million people.

Your gently used eyewear could make a world of difference to someone in need. Clear vision could enable a child to see clearly to learn in school. Clear vision could help an adult maintain a job and support their family.

I have been blessed in my life, thus far, and have never needed glasses, contacts or corrective vision surgery. I know many people that could not survive without their glasses, though! If you are someone who has old perscription glasses hanging around, or are considering vision correction for Christmas and will no longer need your glasses, please consider donating your used frames and lenses. Do you see that you can drop them off at many local optical centers, even Target and Sears?? Next time you head over to Tarzhay…take in your used perscription lenses!

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