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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Pancreatic Cancer isn’t like Breast Cancer. It doesn’t have the sexy lingo like “Save the Tata’s!” or pink bracelets that say “I ❤ Boobies”. What Pancreatic Cancer does have is a very high mortality rate and less funding. It also has some pretty famous faces that have succumbed to the disease, including Randy Pausch former Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and famous “Last Lecture” speaker, Patrick Swayze and Steve Jobs.
According to Pancreatic Cancer Facts 2011, compiled by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Pancreatic Cancer is the 10th most commonly diagnosed cancer, but the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.
94% of all patients diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer do not survive past 5 years, and 74% die within ONE year of diagnosis.
Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis is INCREASING.
There are NO early detection methods.
Treatment options are limited, and 80% of patients that do qualify and receive surgery still die within 5 years of diagnosis.
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is dedicated to helping people diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and their families. They offer support and services, education about the disease and resources.
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network also works with the Federal Government to raise awareness and increase funding for Pancreatic Cancer research.
There are many ways you can help support the efforts of PanCan. There are several types of volunteer opportunities available throughout the country. There are various physical events such as walks and other races throughout the country each year. On their website you can donate cash, stocks, make arrangements to donate a vehicle or shop at their online store.
The PanCan store is FILLED with cool stuff. The color for PanCan is PURPLE! They have everything: clothing, luggage, bags, jewelry, coffee cups, water bottles, office supplies, accessories and tons more.
You can also buy flower bouquets through their website and 12% of your purchase goes to support PanCan.
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network can use YOUR help to meet their goal of increasing the survival rate by 50% by the year 2020. Check out the website, maybe do a little shopping (I have a very cool PanCan purple daisy ribbon key chain and a PanCan travel coffee mug, but I see that they have cool water bottles now, too!) and see if PanCan is something you can support!

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