Casa Beebe

Spring Term Update

Chris wants a doughnut.

I haven’t had anything like that in over 2 months! Nada! No sugar!

Anyway, things here are progressing pretty darn well with the school work! Here is where we were at last week when I posted that things might be a bit quiet around here, and updates of where we are now:

Persuasion: complete 1 written and 1 visual “artifact” relating to my persuasion agency, topic and campaign, prepare a speech for the same, and write a paper for the same. (Due Monday).DONE! I know I got an A on my speech and am pretty confident that I did well on my paper. YAY!

Celebrity & Fan Cultures: complete 1 14+ page paper relating to my topic of choice (what is celebrity, its history and evolution), and 1 15+ minute presentation on same. (Due Wednesday June 13). IN PROGRESS…I have written about half of the paper and have lots of swirling ideas about the presentation. I received very positive feedback from my instructor on the inital 5 page draft.

Native Americans in Film: I found out YESTERDAY that I need to create a 15+ minute presentation on the perspective of other countries toward Native American Indians, particularly through film. (Let me just add that after TWO hours of searching every possible combination I can think of to find information about this I have come up with exactly: nothing. My partner has also come up with: nothing. This is going to be a great presentation!) (Due: not sure? Next Thursday or the following Thursday…I sure hope he tells us tomorrow what day officially). Due this Thursday. I am done with my part as is one of my group members. Powerpoint is mostly complete. Waiting for final touches from third partner. Presentation Thursday and I will be DONE with this class.

Organizational Behavior: Each week I have assignments that equal between 4-6 pages of essay-style answers to a variety of questions. Due Thursday of each week. DONE!! Totally 100% done! YAY!

In addition, I need to fill out my capstone application and write a two page paper about my internship objectives as they relate to my communication education (DONE!!), I need to renew my drivers license, go to a meeting Friday night (DONE!!), do 24 hours of continuing education to renew my insurance licenses, walk ten miles (at one time) (DONE!!), and I will be gone for 3 days next weekend for the half marathon in Portland (which means exactly ZERO homework will be accomplished), and all the regular day-to-day life stuff like feeding myself and my husband, the cat, bills, household chores, etcetera (at least current on these things, no one is starving and the lights are still on!).

So, overall good progress is being made and I am feeling the overwhelming feelings subside.

Tomorrow afternoon the communication department is having their end of year event, so I am going to that. I will be briefly mentioned as the Outstanding Woman Student of 2012 for the department. 🙂

I have mentioned the #saladaday challenge a couple of times, and that is going well. I have managed to have a veggie based salad of some kind everyday for well over a week now. This challenge goes for the whole month of June.

A light is shining at the end of the spring term tunnel!

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