Casa Beebe

Invitation to Live


“Do you need an invitation to live?

You have one, it is called your birth certificate!”

~Joshua Estrin
My friends…what are you waiting for?
I think so often we forget or are in denial about the finite amount of time we have in this life.
We just have this ONE life! This ONE time here to be and do and live!
You only get this one opportunity to fulfill your wildest dreams, turn imagination to reality and be who you really want to be.
Do you want to move to Alaska? What are you waiting for? Are the logistics really that impossible to overcome?
Do you want to travel the world? Why can’t you?
Do you want to grow more of your own food? What stops you?
How can you find a way to make your dreams come true?
Don’t wait my friends.
Don’t wait for the someday that may never be.
As one of my dear college professors says as a benediction at the end of every class session:
“Go forth and use wisely every heartbeat!”
 ~Dr. Alena Amato Ruggerio

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This entry was posted on June 29, 2012 by in inspiration.
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