Casa Beebe

Short Summer Break

Don’t be bringing down my happy by trying to tell me that it is Fall. And hush up with your pumpkin spice lattes and stories about wearing boots and sweaters. *I* am just kicking off my very short summer break and I plan to enjoy it!


I wrapped up my internship yesterday! This means that I am obligationless until  Monday September 24th when Fall term starts up again. Woohoo!

What do I plan to do? Ironically, I plan to work on a couple of papers. Yup…I just can’t get enough.

I also plan to do something with all of this:


Although much of the garden is winding down, corn is done, pickles are done, peas are done, cabbage, broccoli, onions and garlic are all done, we still have quite a few things that are still going strong.

Eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, peppers and a few other things…which means I still need to be out there picking, harvesting and then doing something with all that stuff!

We have been smoking some of the tomatoes, which are delicious, and then freezing them. I have also dehydrated some,

and I will be dicing and freezing some. I have frozen some lightly roasted eggplant, and blanched green beans, and I have frozen about 5 gallons (!!!!) of blackberries.

That’s not even all of them!

And right now I have 10 POUNDS of pickling cucumbers in my fridge just waiting for me to pickle them. Have I mentioned that I have already made tons of pickles??

And relish and salsa and sweet pickles?

Yeah, so don’t be surprised if you get a jar of pickles for Christmas…just sayin’.

I also hope to get Chris out on the boat at least once more before the end of the season, and hit up the golf course a couple more times. I want to get out for a hike or two as well, before I get busy again with school.

So, I imagine that the next week or so will fly by and I will be busy with a little of everything, trying to wring every last drop of wonderful out of my summer….because next summer I should be done with school and have a J-O-B!

Are you excited for Fall or are you clinging desperately to Summer?? I am a Summertime lover all the way….

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