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Weather Shift

Happy Saturday friends!

The weather has officially shifted here in Southern Oregon. Yesterday for most of the day we had clear skies and sunshine. I was lying in the grass soaking up every last little bit (in between study sessions). Then as the afternoon progressed the temperature dropped, the breeze picked up, the clouds moved in…

By around ten or so last night I heard the first split-splat of raindrops hitting the metal roof on the shed and the rocks of our pathway outside. It hasn’t rained here in….months. The rain cleared the air and today it is cloudy, damp outside and the air smells clean and fresh. I cannot complain about the shift in weather because we have be having such an amazingly beautiful Fall with lots of sunshine everyday. I guess by the middle of October it is okay to have cooler weather, clouds and some rain.

We spent most of the morning doing some outside chores, pulling things in the garden, bringing in outdoor cushions and plants that will need to be brought inside now that the temperatures have dropped.

We also finally got rid of my POS car! YES!!

We are so glad to be done with this car. I did buy a new car. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is flashy. I used to have a car just like it only in black a few years ago before I left my job and went back to school. Now that my tuition costs are basically done with (except for one class next term) we decided it was time to get a new car for me again. 
Oh it is like HEAVEN to have a new car! Soo happy! My hubby is the best! 
Yes, I am spoiled rotten. He is a great guy. Or as my mom likes to say: he is such a nice boy. ๐Ÿ™‚
With the weather change I feel like I should be baking and crockpotting (not actually a word). I might make some stuff just to have and freeze. 
More homework awaits me…I can’t believe we are already done with week three and are starting into week four of the term! Time is flying and before I know it I will be done with school! SO CRAZY!
What are you doing this weekend? Do you love or hate your car? What is your dream car? 

I really love the 350z, but someday I will own a Corvette ( I almost bought one instead of this car!)

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