Casa Beebe

October 19, 1995

It was a lovely Fall day in October, 1995.

Okay…it wasn’t really that lovely…as I recall it was grey and cloudy, as is typical in Olympia in October. It didn’t matter though because on that day my first and favorite niece was born!


My darling niece Shanelle turns 17 years old today! I can’t believe it. Time flies. I thought I would post some of my favorite photos of Shanelle from when she was much younger, 1) so I can embarrass her (which is what good aunties do) and 2) because I want to always remember the sweet little girl she was. 
Here is a happy birthday photo montage of my little brat. 
Me holding Shanelle at her first Christmas.
The honorary flower girl at my wedding.
Adorable toddler…almost 3!
Learning how to fish with her daddy.
Covered in Lorakeets at the Portland Zoo
Silly Uncle Chris and Shanelle at Promontory Park on the Clackamas River
Scoring big at Bullwinkles Family Fun Center!!
I love this picture….Chris is wearing a blond wig and huge sunglasses…Shanelle is  thinking WTH? LOL!!
At breakfast before heading to Mt. Hood to go tubing.
Uncle Chris being silly, again, and Shanelle laughing at him, again. 
Trying on Auntie’s wedding dress and tiara.
Hanging out with Uncle Chris at Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho. 
Hiking Multnomah Falls. 
Lounging on the tube at Detroit Lake.
Christmas 2010.
Ahh…she is getting all grown up! I moved away in October of 2009, and have seen her very little since then. It makes me sad. I hope to see her in the next few weeks and take tons more pictures so I can embarrass her again in the future. 🙂
That’s what good aunties do!
My dearest Shanelle: Happiest of Birthdays to you! I love you like mass. 
Love, Auntie

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