Casa Beebe

What I’m Loving Wednesday 1.2.13

It is weird typing 13 instead of 12 for the date. 

Happy Wednesday! Here are a few things I’m Loving lately
1. Amazon Instant Video
Way better than Netflix in my opinion. Amazon instant video has tons of movies and TV shows on demand. You can rent or buy movies and they load and play instantly! I use my Vizio Blu-Ray player and have watched a bunch of movies using Amazon instant, including Breaking Dawn Part I, LOTR The Return of the King, Tomb Raider, and most recently Support Your Local Sheriff, an old James Garner western/comedy that Netflix doesn’t even have. WIN!
2. Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories
I have read the first two in the series, and though some reviewers seem to think they are written for men, I am enjoying them tremendously. They take place in the 870’s and are a fictional account of true historical events. There are several more in the series, and I am ready to dive in. 
3. Online job hunting
It is nice to have so many job listings to review consolidated in a few places. Incidentally, if anyone knows of any training and development or trainer jobs out there, let me know! I’m actively looking at this point. 
What things are you loving lately??

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This entry was posted on January 2, 2013 by in books, job search, movies.
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