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It’s been a long time since I did a weekend review post, most likely because in the dead of winter there isn’t much happening. But with the warmer temperatures, sunshine and spring right around the corner we have gotten back into our bust-a-groove!
Chris had the weekend off call, which is so nice! He is in full swing with his boat project. I haven’t talked much about it here on the blog, but basically he ripped out all the interior, pulled the motor and pulled out all the old structural supports that run lengthwise down the boat (they are called stringers) and started replacing things. It has been a long project, but it is looking so beautiful! 
The stringers have been in for a while, as has the new bulkhead. We got new aluminium gas tanks to replace the failing fiberglass ones, so those have been installed now, and finally it was time to put the NEW motor in place.

We had a bit of a snafu with the oil pan, so last weekend when we tried to install it we determined that the oil pan was too tall. No good! Chris quickly ordered a lower profile one and it arrived yesterday.

Wrong oil pan. 😦

A quick change out today and then time to install the new power plant. Exciting stuff!

So Shmexy! The new motor is a Chevy 454 big block. The old motor was an Oldsmobile 455. You can see the gorgeous new stringers and new fuel tank in this pic as well. 
While he was outside doing that all day, I was inside still working on the organization/shredding mess I mad yesterday. I am happy to report significant progress was made! I had to stop shredding because my recycle bin is full, but at least I have everything all organized and now I can work on shredding and getting rid of stuff over the next couple weeks. I feel very accomplished! 
I also rearranged a bunch of stuff, including putting my HUGE printer in the closet which makes the office look so much nicer!
I also planted some more starts, peas and a few of my pepper seeds that finally sprouted, spent some time weeding in one of my garden beds, played with the kitties, and spent half of Saturday running errands. 

After busting a move all day long, we are both pretty wiped out tonight, but we had plans to fry a turkey. 
Look at this beauty!
The turkey I mean.
Well…the turkey I’m going to eat. 

Deep fried in peanut oil. Twelve and a half pound turkey cooked to perfection in 45 minutes. So juicy and flavorful!

On the side we served sauteed Brussels sprouts and deep fried sweet potato wedges.

Everything was SO delicious! Despite the fact that we are so exhausted after our long day our dinner turned out amazing. 
And now I have a big turkey to use for enchiladas and pot pie later this week! 
It’s time to relax. Have a great Sunday night! Chubby tubby looks about how I feel….G’night!

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