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2013-03-19 07.55.24


There are big changes happenin’ around here folks!!


2013-03-20 10.42.17

Yes, big changes!

Change is good though.

Let’s start with the big one:

Yesterday was my LAST day of SCHOOL!! After 3 years, 2 months and 19 days (give or take) I successfully completed all the requirements for my Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, as well as a Certificate of Management of Human Resources and a Certificate of Conflict Resolution.



I don’t think it has really sunk in yet that I am DONE. I told Chris last night that it will probably really sink in around April 1st when everyone else is headed back to school and I’m…not.

The other big change is this….

I am saying goodbye to blogger and hellllooo to wordpress.

Buh Bye Blurb Column


2013-03-20 10.42.36


Hellooooo Casa Beebe


2013-03-20 10.42.17

I have actually been working on this change for a while, but since I had time this morning I thought I would do some of the final organizing and changing to make it really happen.

I have renamed the blog Casa Beebe to better brand it. Blurb Column was a great name for me when I started and didn’t really know what blogging was going to be for me, what I was going to write about and who my audience was going to be. Over the past year or so I had begun to realize that the name and the format wasn’t doing it for me any longer.

Casa Beebe is both the name of the new blog, the facebook page, the twitter feed, and a new gmail account!

Casa Beebe is what we call our “home” and you may have seen me reference “casa beebe” in previous posts. It just seemed like the way to go.

Now, I am still new to wordpress and so there may be some glitches and snafus. Please hang in with me as I get this figured out, and if you have suggestions or feedback please feel free to comment or send me a message.

As for content, well it will still be all the same great stuff that you saw on Blurb Column, but in a different layout and perhaps a bit more user friendly. Also, though he doesn’t know it yet, I might try to get Chris to post in his own voice every now and again about his projects, like the boat.

I have imported all the old posts from both Blurb Column and my other short-lived separate blog Inspire the Light, so you shouldn’t have to go looking for old posts on a different site. Everything should be right here. So if you need to search a recipe or a post on an old topic you can do it all right here.

I will post one last post on Blurb Column directing visitors to come visit us here at Casa Beebe. I won’t be deleting the site, at least not yet anyway. After that, all new content will be appearing here on the snazzy new blog!

I have another post coming later today about how Chris and I celebrated after I took my final last night so stick around for that!

Bienvenidos a Casa Beebe!

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