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Weekend Review 4.15.13

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Good Morning Friends! Happy Tax Day-Monday!

We had a whirlwind few days after getting back from vacation. Chris had to go to work Wednesday morning, so it was right back at it for him.

I had appointments and meetings I had to be at Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was  a mostly relaxing day for me, but some crazy last-minute stuff came up that turned Friday afternoon into a little bit of a stressful time. I was glad to get the situation addressed pretty quickly and get back to enjoying my sunny Friday evening.

I was craving Mexican food (really? after being in Mexico for a week? Yes!) and as happy to see our local taco truck pull up into the cul-de-sac around 6 Friday evening. Chris ordered a steak burrito with a side of beans and rice, I ordered a steak quesadilla with beans and rice, and we picked up a half-dozen pork tamales to have for the weekend. I love that the taco truck stops by our neighborhood on Friday nights!

I ate half my quesadilla and the rice and beans and saved the rest for Saturday. We decided to watch a movie and picked The Hunger Games.


Neither of us have read the book, but we enjoyed the movie overall. Chris thought it was dumb how The Capitol people could just make stuff up in the game, but beyond that we thought the story was good and it was engaging from the beginning. Chris didn’t like how it ended and said he wasn’t sure if he would be interested in watching the next two films because of the predictability factor (of course Katniss wins again) and he doesn’t like love triangles (“Another stupid Twilight threesome!”).  I enjoyed the film and am intrigued about the next parts of the story.

Saturday was a mish-mash of activity around here. I spent a good portion of the morning working around the house, doing post-vacation laundry, and taking care of miscellaneous chores that needed attention. I watered all the plants in the garden and fertilized some of them. Speaking of, here is how some of the stuff is looking!!





Leaf lettuce

Leaf lettuce



Fava Beans

Fava Beans

As I was out puttering in the yard I was drawn to my lilac bush. I LOVE lilacs. They are one of my favorite flowers. The scent is so lovely! I wish they stuck around for longer in the season.

2013-04-13 12.50.01


I was inspired by the lilacs and another “rose” bush we have to make an arrangement for my table. Now my kitchen smells so pretty!

2013-04-14 13.03.59


Chris spent the morning Saturday working on some odds and ends for his boat. He has been anxious to get it out on the water to see how all the hard work he put into it over the last couple of months worked out. He did some work on the trailer brakes, put the registration stickers on the boat and trailer, made sure we had our coast guard required safety equipment on board, along with our bumpers and ropes.

While he was doing that a couple stopped by and bought his kayaks. Yup…Mr. Whitewater sold his kayaks. This is a pretty huge deal. Chris started kayaking in 1996 and for several years he was out on the rivers around Portland ALL. THE. TIME. During the summer he and his buddies might go out two or three times a week! He ran some big, crazy rivers, some at flood stage, ran some awesome waterfalls, and he loved it all! It was a huge part of his life. But, life changes, his buddies got married, bought houses, had kids, and priorities shifted. Since we moved to S. Ore three years ago he hasn’t been out once! Not even at the beach. He decided it was time to say goodbye to an old hobby.

After that it was time to get our shakedown on!

Before-Oldsmobile Motor, old interior, old floor, old stringers, old gas tanks...

Before-Oldsmobile Motor, old interior, old floor, old stringers, old gas tanks…



During - New stringers

During – New stringers

During - "new" Chevy motor going in

During – “new” Chevy motor going in

During - new interior: gas tanks, floor, carpet

During – new interior: gas tanks, floor, carpet



We took the boat out Saturday afternoon to Emigrant Lake in Ashland. The sun was out, but the wind was blowing and it was downright chilly! The water was pretty choppy and rough, but since we weren’t really out for a day-long pleasure cruise it didn’t matter.

A shakedown run is when you go out after a repair or doing something new on your boat, car, motorcycle….whatever, to make sure it works properly, or to find out what doesn’t work, before you take it out for the “real thing.” In our case, we (Chris) did a huge amount of work to his boat over the last several months…gutting it basically and redoing it, plus adding a totally different power plant and changing a bunch of the electrical  wiring and gauges.

This trip was all about making sure the boat was water tight, the motor started, ran and didn’t have any leaks or issues, and seeing a little bit how the structure of the boat was different from before all the work was done.

Luckily the boat launch was totally empty so we could take our time and not worry about other boaters needing to use the ramp. We backed the boat down into the water until it was afloat but left it tethered to the trailer in case we needed to pull it out of the water quickly due to a bad leak. Happily, it wasn’t an issue. After we got her in the water we just sat there for a few minutes and watched all around the hoses and tubes and connections where water might get in. There were a couple of very minor dribbles (there always are first trip out) and we tightened up the clamps on those spots and were good to go.

Then it was time to start the engine. Chris had the engine running on the engine stand (outside off the boat) last summer, and started it up in the boat in the shed a couple of weeks ago, but this was the first real in-water test. A couple of cranks and VROOM! The new Chevy motor was alive!

We were still hooked up to the trailer and let the engine run for a few minutes while we checked for leaks, issues or sudden failures. After a few minutes of eyeballing everything Chris decided he was ready to unhook from the trailer and really try it out. He unhooked the boat from the trailer and backed it out into the water while I went and parked the Suburban and the trailer. I ran back down to the dock and hopped on…. SO EXCITING!!

I’m sorry there aren’t more pictures. Doing a shakedown run is a pretty intense sort of time where both of us needed to be paying attention to the boat, the motor, each other and any potential issues, so it isn’t really a good time to be dorking around with a camera. If something happened we would need to deal with it quickly or maybe even get out of the boat. Safety first, so no camera time.

With life jackets securely fastened we started to head out to the open water of the lake. I was driving so Chris could monitor the goings on in the stern with the motor and any potential water leaks or problems. I cruised us around at a nice medium speed for a while and then Chris gave me the go ahead to “get on it” and so I did! Full throttle! Woot!

After I cruised around a bit and Chris was satisfied with what was going on in the back he wanted to try it out for himself. We switched places. I sat in the rear facing seat to keep an eye on potential problems while he took over the controls. Hahaha… he LOVED it! The new Chevy motor has quite a bit more pep than our tired Oldsmobile motor. It sounds totally different, too. And, personally, I felt the new stringers, floor, etc. made the boat ride so much more … solid, I guess. It just felt different. Better.

As Chris was throttling around a corner back into the wind and swells a huge spray of water came up over the port side of the boat and doused me and the motor with very cold water! BRR!!!! Remember, I said it was super windy! He just laughed.

After a bit more running around we switched places again so Chris could monitor the motor a bit more. The only issue we had was when we would go full throttle the engine would almost stall. It was a restriction with the flow in the carburetor, so when he took the air cleaner off the problem went away. This will be easily solved with a different air cleaner that will allow more flow.

We had been out for a while, maybe a half an hour or so, and the wind and chop were getting cold and annoying, so we decided to head back to the dock.


We were cold but excited! A successful shakedown was accomplished! A few minor issues were noted and will be resolved, but it is water tight and it runs.

We headed home and then ran a couple of errands: Lowes and Safeway. We needed some weed killer stuff for our lawn, it is SO bad. We also wanted to get some seed potatoes for our garden. And we also needed a couple of things from the grocery store, like dishwasher detergent. Yes, it is always real and exciting here at Casa Beebe.

We got home and planted the potatoes, Chris put the weed n feed stuff on the lawn and then it was time to make dinner.

Dinner was a smoked beef roast, sweet potato and asparagus. Delicious!

I had put a shout out on Facebook for an “interesting” movie with “dialogue and a plot.” I got several great suggestions, but then I stumbled across The Lost Boys. Chris and I had never seen The Lost Boys (starring Keifer Sutherland, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Dianne Weist, and a handful of other recognizable actors), a mid 80’s vampire movie. We decided to watch that. O. M. G. Hilariously awful. And of course, it wasn’t interesting, had no plot and no dialogue. But it was funny to watch! I am ashamed to be an 80’s child.

Sunday was a whole lot of nuthin’. We started with coffee in the hot tub, which is becoming a really lovely way to start our weekend mornings.

2013-04-14 08.31.39

2013-04-14 08.31.46

2013-04-14 08.31.52

Chris has a hard time letting me take normal pictures. He always wants to be silly.

After that we didn’t do a whole lot of anything interesting.

The cats saw a bird and freaked out.

2013-04-13 18.45.12


But that was about it. Lots of hanging around and puttering around the house. I made my famous chicken enchiladas for dinner and then we watched one of the suggested movies: Glengarry Glen Ross. Wow…it was…interesting alright! I’m not sure that it had plot or dialogue (unless you count strings of curse words as dialogue) but it was interesting. It is about a seedy land investment sales office and the guys who work there, trying to make a sale on crappy leads. If you have ever done sales of this type (I have) you will find a lot of truth to the story. It is really a sad kind of movie.

And that’s it! Another weekend over in a flash, filled with fun and work and chores and a mish mash of movies and adventure.

How was your weekend? Watch any good movies? Go on any adventures?

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  1. lesamcmahon
    April 16, 2013

    Sounds like a great weekend.

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