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Oh boy! I tried “nooch” tonight for the first time. Nooch, or nutritional yeast, is an often used ingredient in vegetarian and vegan cooking. It is often said to have a cheese-like flavor. 

Since we are “plant-based” this month at Casa Beebe I had purchased some nooch and stashed it in the cupboard waiting for inspiration to strike. Well, thanks to this lovely blog recipe inspiration struck tonight!

I, as is typical, took this recipe and added my own flair to it, including adding broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, raw red peppers, sliced black olives and sliced raw green onions to the pasta and “cheeze” to up the veggie content. 

Oh. My. Goodness. This was SO delicious!

I seasoned the sauce with a bit of garlic powder, chipotle, cumin, salt and pepper. When it was done we decided it needed a bit more salt, pepper and some chipotle tabasco. Wow. 

Just WOW.

It was SO delicious. Incredible flavor. Excellent mouth feel. Filling. 

I didn’t take a picture because it wouldn’t have looked appetizing, but you can bet that nooch will be making more appearances in the Casa Beebe kitchen very soon!

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