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2014-10-31 16.56.28

Last Halloween Chris and I dressed as the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! Our costumes turned out pretty good, I think!

My friend helped us get set up with the crazy psychedelic mushrooms, and then we did a “trunk-or-treat” where kids trick-or-treat around a parking lot, in our case, at a local church. It’s safer for the kids, and inside they had lots of other activities going on as well.

2014-10-31 16.57.14

The little kids found Chris’ interpretation of the Mad Hatter to be quite frightening!

My Queen of Hearts wasn’t quite so scary.

2014-10-31 13.52.22-1

That was before makeup, I did put white-face and bright red, heart-shaped lips on. And a beauty spot.

This year I haven’t put a single drop of thought into dressing up for Halloween, but we are having a few folks over. It is Rocky Horror Picture Show movie night at Casa Beebe!

If you haven’t seen it, you completely should. I take no responsibility for your confusion. Or your compulsion to watch it again and again.

We are going to keep it simple with movie snacks, popcorn, candy, and beverages. I’m looking forward to singing along with all my favorite Rocky Horror tunes!

What are your plans for Halloween this year?

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