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Funny Follow-Up

no gym

Saw a sign similar to this at lunch today and it made me laugh, especially in light of my post yesterday.

What’s going on for Halloween tonight?

My old “home town” of Portland Oregon is absolutely getting dumped on with rain. I’m thankful I do not still live in that weather. Our weather is partly cloudy, around 70 degrees, with just a touch of a breeze coming through. So far, it’s a great afternoon for trick or treating.

Except I don’t have any candy to give out.

I hope the kids don’t kill me.

Public Service Announcement Time:

Keep your pets indoors, away from doors, and out of harms way tonight, both for their safety and the safety of all the little goblins. If you are driving, please don’t drink! There are littles out on the roads and they are excited and hopped up on sugar! They aren’t paying attention to traffic.

Have a fun and safe night all!

Trick or Treat!

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