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Garden Update :(

Garden Update 😦

Well my friends, I have some bad news about my garden.

We had four days of frost in a row, in MAY!

This is what frost does to sensitive little plants, like cucumbers, pepper and tomatoes:

So sad and pathetic looking…..

But, the news is not all bad!

Other crops are not affected by the cold, like my lettuces! They actually seem to like it and are thriving! So much so, that I was able to clip my first harvest! Less than one month after planting I was able to make myself a beautiful garden fresh salad with my own, home grown lettuces!

Isn’t it beautiful!?!

It was so delicious. Nutritionist foodie people always say that fruits and vegetables start to lose their nutrients from the moment they are harvested. I would believe it, just based on the amazing flavor packed into those little leaves versus what is found in the stores!

I added a few things to make my salad a little more substantial, but overall it was a delicious lunch and a great way to start my garden harvesting!

As for the frost burned items, it is likely that we will do a replant next weekend. We should be past frost danger at that point.

In other positive garden news, we have sprouts of the onions, cilantro, dill, some pickling cucumbers (though some of them got frosted, too), carrots, parsnips and the potatoes look like they are doing something!

I bought corn seeds and some bush bean seeds and will likely plant those next weekend as well.

All the other starts we planted seem to be doing quite well. They look hardy and happy!

More updates on the garden will come along as things progress.

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