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Labor Day 2011

What a weekend! What a SUMMER!

Labor Day Weekend is the official “end” of summer, even though our temps are still in the mid to upper 90’s and we have two days forecast for over a 100 this week. The feel in the air is definitely changing…but, before we get to FALL we have to recap my last official, scheduled, houseguest visit of the summer!

One of my dearest friends, Kelsey, came to visit for almost a whole week! She arrived Wednesday afternoon and headed back Monday morning. 

As usual, we had a great time.

Thursday we decided to head up to Crater Lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. It holds something like 5 trillion gallons of water. Yeah, try to wrap your head around that! It is over 1900′ deep.

Crater Lake

Luckily for me, Crater Lake is only a little over an hour drive from where I live! It is so beautiful! The water is amazingly blue and clear. Crater Lake is a volcanic caldera over 400,000 years old. It is not supplied or fed by any rivers or streams, rather it gains its water from rainfall and snowmelt. Crater Lake averages over 500 inches of snowfall per year.

We had lunch, and walked around part of the lake for a couple of hours. Kelsey, who has lived in Oregon her whole life, had never been to Crater Lake, so it was a new adventure for her!

Friday I had a bunch of nagging errands to run, so Kelsey and I spent most of the day doing that. We chilled out at home in the evening and watched the 2nd Pirate movie…which she had never seen!! Crazy talk, I say!

Saturday we took the boat out to our local favorite lake, Lost Creek Lake. We spent the day hanging out in the sun, enjoying the water. It was SO peaceful. It was HOT, too.

Kelsey loves being out on the boat!

Because we had a third person with us, Chris was able to get some wakeboarding in! That was awesome! I was driving the boat!

The water level in the lake is way down from where it was earlier this summer, making it seem much smaller, but it is still gorgeous. We just chilled and relaxed all day. Chris even fell asleep…I wish I had a picture of that. I couldn’t get to my camera without waking him up though.
Unfortunately, just as we were getting off the lake, Chris’ pager went off and he had to make an impromptu trip to the beach…ugh! We got off the lake around 4 and he ended up getting home around 11:30pm. Kelsey and I opted to stay home and watch the 3rd Pirate movie!! YAY! I love those movies! I’m not so sure Kelsey was that impressed. Ha! Ha!
Sunday, we didn’t do much. We ran a couple of errands, had lunch at our favorite pizza place, which made us all sleepy. It was SUPER hot, 99 degrees, so we mostly just hung out on the patio with the misters on, relaxing. At one point, all three of us dozed off! Now that is what you call a relaxing day.
Sunday night we watched another of my fave movies that Kelsey had never seen: Grosse Pointe Blank, starring John Cusak, Minnie Driver, and Dan Aykroyd. HILARIOUS. Again, not so sure Kelsey thought so, but I love it!
During the movie I kept seeing these light flashes from outside. Eventually we realized that there was a lightening storm going on outside! We paused the movie and went out and watched for quite a while. It was pretty far to the south-east of us and we never heard any thunder, but the lightening lasted for probably an hour and a half. It was pretty spectacular.
Monday morning came quickly and it was time for Kelsey to head back home. 😦  We had a super fun time and it was great to get to spend some quality one on one time with her. I can’t wait for her next trip down!
Chris and I spent the rest of Labor Day doing some shopping, running errands, and smoking some peppers and tomatoes from the garden. I made an amazingly delicious pasta dish with tons of fresh veggies from the garden with a recipe from a magazine I found. It was so good, and simple! I’ll share it later.
I finished the night by watching my two shows: The Closer (my fave!!) and Rizzoli and Isles, which I think has the potential to be really good…but it is still a young show that needs some tweaking. I do love Angie Harmon, though, so I keep watching. I hope they get it figured out.
And POOF….summer is over and Fall is in the air!
Our year, so far, has been filled with guests! We love it! Kelsey kicked us off with a New Years visit, followed by my mom, brother and neice joining us for spring break. My grama came down after that, and then Kelsey and my good friend Jennifer were here to kick off summer Memorial Day weekend. That was followed by a quick overnight by another couple from Portland. My mom and brother were down again for a few days over July 4th weekend. Mid July my good friend Heidi was here for a long weekend. In the middle somewhere another friend of Chris’ was here for a night on a pass through from California. We blasted north twice, once for impromptu golf weekend and once for our scheduled camping weekend. Then Kelsey came back for an end of summer wrap up.
Add to that our trip to Shasta, hiking trips, boating trips, camping, exploring, car races, off-roading, fishing, golfing, concerts, plays and winery stops and you could say we have had one helluva summer!
Thank you to each and every one of our friends and family who have made the effort and taken the time to come and visit. We love to see you and host you in our home. We love to show you the beauty that is Southern Oregon!
I do not have anyone else *scheduled* for a visit at this point…while I love having everyone…it is also nice to have a little break.

I have just a few weeks left of my summer break and then back to school for me! It has been a truly wonderful summer and there are so many people that helped make it that way!

Thank you all!
Now, it is time to get ready for FALL!

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