Casa Beebe

Create Your Universe

“You create your own universe as you go along.”
~Winston Churchill
Where you are today, right now…is where your thoughts and actions have brought you.
It is no accident.
What you think about, you bring about.*
Read that again: What you THINK about, you BRING about.
So, what do you spend your time thinking about?
Are you thinking about what you want?
Or, are you thinking about what you DON’T want?
If you focus on what you do NOT want, that is the very thing you will bring about.
So, where are you in your life today?
Are you happy and fulfilled?
Are you sad and empty?
Do you feel successful and empowered?
Do you feel like a failure and held down?
Where you are today, the experiences of your life until this point, are a result of your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your actions.
Your actions create your life.
Your life is your universe.
If you are not at a place where you want to be…it is time to change your thoughts.
Instead of saying I don’t want to be unhappy at my job, change it to I want to be happy at my job!
I want to have happiness and abundance in my life.
I want to have energy.
I want to have money.
I want to have adventure.
I want to be fit and healthy.
Stop for a moment today and think, slowly and clearly, specifically and with detail about what you DO want.
Write it down.
Draw a picture.
Visualize it.
Make a collage.
What DO you want?
What is your life vision?
Then create your vision.
Your vision, filled with the thoughts of what you DO want, will create your universe, the world in which you live.
You have the power within you to create your own perfect life.
Change your thoughts, change your world, create your universe.
*(I looked to see who to attribute that saying to, but I have not found anyone.)

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