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Today is one of those days where I want to write, but I don’t think I have anything to say, which probably means I have a lot to say!

I also don’t have a lot of time to write something today because today is “getting ready for back to school day” for me and I am going to the salon! YAY!

Last year, when my mom was in the hospital, I lost my mind and chopped my hair off.

Mom and me, Christmastime 2010…she had been out of the hospital for less than 2 weeks after spending 6 weeks in a coma and 4 weeks in rehab.

 I also got blonde highlights in it, which, although they give my very fine hair some texture and oomph, made me look old! I felt very “middle-aged soccer mom” with this haircut. Both Chris and my mom have commented that these pictures don’t even look like me. I have pretty much always had long hair.

So, I have been letting my hair grow out, hence some of the really horrible hair styles this past year.

This was one of the “better” hair days mid grow-out.

After letting it grow all this time, it is finally to the point where I can get it cut into a good style…one I really like. I am also going to have what is left of the blonde highlights covered up.

When I got my hair cut short the gals at the salon told me that short was the new long; at that time lots of celebrities where chopping their locks. It seems that I was not the only one who was unhappy with my shorter look, because most of those celebrities have grown out their hair, too. Matronly. That is how short hair makes me feel.

I think I’d much rather be one of those women in their 60’s with long, beautiful, silver hair.

I know the silver is coming…particularly from the paternal side of my family…dark hair gone silver by 40 for most of the family. I have silver hairs popping up here and there, but I just pull them out! haha!

ANYWAY, how did this get to be about my hair? OH, I’m super excited to go and get a little pampered and feel fresh and new with my fixed up hair.

I’ll post a picture later of the “new” me.

Do you have the same haircut you have always had? Have you ever had a bad haircut experience? Do you fix your hair different all the time? Does Fall/Back To School make you want to fix yourself up in a new way?

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