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Chris sometimes wonders what I DO all day while I am at home by myself…not in school, not working.

It doesn’t sound very *productive* to say I was blogging. The thing is that I put a lot of research and reading into some of my blogs. There is finding statistics and, what I consider to be, relevant or important information regarding the topic.

Sometimes I have to find appropriate pictures, or take pictures (sometimes a LOT of pictures because I am not that great of a photographer). Then I have to upload and organize them.

After that there is the actual writing part! I love to write. I hope you enjoy my writing. I tend to write like I speak, but sometimes a bit more formally than I speak, but Chris says he can definitely “hear” my voice as he reads the blogs. (No, I am not reading TO him.) But the writing part can sometimes be tricky.

What ususally happens is something inspires me, a quote or picture, or something we have done, or a recipe. Then I take that inspiration and I just sit down and start writing about it. Telling the story. Some people may think my posts are too long, but personally, I like to read blogs that have a bit of meat to them, and that is just how I write.

Once I get it all written I have to proofread it and preview it and make adjustments as needed. Now, this blog does NOT get proofread with a fine tooth comb. It is a personal blog. I do attempt to use proper spelling and grammar and punctuation, and I do review it for errors, but I am human and sometimes an error gets through. I hope you will all understand.

So, while it doesn’t *sound* productive, there is actually quite a bit that goes into getting my blog posts published. I love it. I am so happy I started doing this. I hope you all enjoy the little tidbits and slices of life I put out here. I love your comments and would be thrilled if you felt this blog was worthy of sharing with your friends or other bloggers. I did start a facebook page for this and my other blog, Inspire The Light, so you can find both of them and like them on facebook if you want.

Blogging is MY creative outlet. Some people do art, paint, sing, dance, or craft…but for me: writing is my THING.

So, blogging is one answer to what I do all day.

I also do stuff like this:

Meal planning and recipe research, including grocery and meal plan lists!


Follow other blogs, and right now am working on a photo labeling and organizing project.

 This is, of course, in addition to all the really thrilling stuff like laundry, dishes, floors and generally keeping the house clean and picked up. I’ll tell you what though, if I did not have THIS furball, my house would stay much cleaner.

Looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

Plus I do stuff like bring the garbage cans back in, get the mail, and I actually do the grocery shopping. I run other errands and whatnot, too.

Other random updates:

This is a much better representation of my new haircut (I actually styled it!)

Also, it has been almost a full week since I got my nails done with the OPI Axxium Gel (shellac). They look fantastic! It looks like I just got my nails done yesterday! And so far, no chipping at all. No peeling.
Awe–some! <—say in sing song voice.

Okay, I promise, I’ll be back soon with a couple of the recipes I have promised, including the smoked stuffed poblano peppers and the yummy chicken tomatillo enchiladas.
What do you do all day? Do you have a J O B? Are you a SAHM? How do you fill your time, and do you feel like you have to be *productive* every day? Share with me!

3 comments on “Daily Life

  1. Corrie
    September 15, 2011

    My kitty looks like that all the time. She looks grumpy! Every picture…grumpy. She just has that face! Also, I understand what you mean about wanting your blog writing to be perfect. I have similar feelings, but I am trying to let that go, inasmuch as I want to WRITE not necessarily EDIT. lol! Conversational tone is preferable in a blog, I think, too, because then you feel like you are sitting there chatting with the person rather than being talked AT. Thanks! About my hair. My favorite hair style, only I like it a bit longer. :-)Thanks for sharing your day with me!

  2. Jenn
    September 15, 2011

    That first paragraph was written horribly for instance. That would be edited if this was my blog. It would be changed to say, I have to select photos and resize them and then of course, write the text of the actual blog. The next to last sentence, or should I say penultimate, a word we don't use enough of in every day conversation, should say, But, of course, errors get though. But yes, I talk just like that first paragraph. 🙂 Also, that photo of your kitty cracks me up. She looks so grumpy in that photo, like you woke her up and she is mad at you.Okay, time to go get dinner started.

  3. Jenn
    September 15, 2011

    Hi Corrie!You asked, I'll answer!First, I am a terrible blogger! I want so badly to keep up with my blog, but it takes me a very, very long time to write a blog post. I think "Oh it will take but a minute" but then it takes an hour or more. I don't know how some bloggers do it. I have to select photos, resize them, and then, of course, write them. I am a stickler for grammar and try to make sure that it's perfect and that I have no typos, while also sounding conversational and like myself, which is also not formal. But, of course, things get through. It just takes a while. And my schedule is so busy.What else do I do in a day?Take care/clean up after the cats. Take them to the vet. Clean the kitchen/house. Volunteer 2x a week. Weight train 3x a week. Do cardio as much as I can. Grocery shop. Cook. Run the errands. Make the important phone calls (which I hate) that involve the house (you know to contractors or plumbers or whatnot). Very much like you. In spring/summer/early Fall, try to spend time outside as much as possible. Yes, I try to be productive every day, but I try to remind myself that it is not important to do so. I do so much, and I am missing telling you about a ton of it, I know. I love when people ask me "what do you do all day?". I say "What don't I do?". I really don't know how people have time to have jobs. 🙂 Or kids. Running a household for two is tough work, let alone more. And I LOVE your hair.

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