Casa Beebe

The Signs Are There

…if only we will look to see them.

I was at my nurse practitioner’s office today for a regular check-up and perscription refill session. I really love her. She is SO real and down to earth, unlike many of my previous care partners. She is also gutsy!

She has lots of great material in her office. It isn’t a typical “medical” office. She is just in a room with a desk, chair and a medical table. She has all the records on the computer, there is no nurse, no automatic weigh in, no manila file folder chart.

She has two signs in particular in her office that I thought were great. First is about the Chakras.

You can click on the image to make it easier to read. But I love what it has to say. I especially like the Third Chakra: I am courageous. I am whole. I stand in my power.
The other sign is also very truth-filled. There was no name attributed to the second sign, so I asked my NP if she made it. She said a patient had made it for her. Of course, she could not give me the name to attribute the sign to, so I do not know who put this together. It was NOT me. I take no credit for this. I would be happy to credit whomever created this if they should ever come to me throught his crazy interwoven web world.
Again, click on the image to make it easier to read.
Basically, this sign tells us that while there are people in the world who can help us, guide us, listen to us, and hold our hand, ultimately our life, our decisions, our choices and our path are up to us. Individually.
Strong, powerful truth. It echo’s of what I want this blog to say to you.
YOU are the creator of your universe.
I can share with you, I can guide you, I can listen to you, but YOU, my dear friends, each of you must create your own best life path and LIVE that path.
It really comes down to choosing to live, rather than choosing to exist.
Many blessings to you all today!
Do you like your care partner? Do you have a good relationship? Do you pursue alternative health care options? Share with me!

2 comments on “The Signs Are There

  1. Corrie Beebe
    September 14, 2011

    That is a difficult and scary place to be in today's world, Lesa. Medical costs can be so daunting! I do find that I prefer alternative health care options, but am glad to have the choice. In fact, my gratitude for today, which I will post soon, is for good health care and good health care insurance. I am rarely ill enough to need a doctor, but I am thankful to have it when I need it.

  2. Lesa McMahon
    September 14, 2011

    We always pursue alternative health care options because we don't have a regular family doctor or medical insurance.

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