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“I’m having a thought, here, Barbossa!”  ~Captain Jack Sparrow

Okay, I’m thinking that I don’t really care for the new Facebook changes. Again. So annoying. As I said on Facebook, if I wanted Google + I would just sign up for Google +. These companies, like Facebook and Netflix, need to be careful about making their customers angry. Facebook is only awesome if it does what the users want! I don’t want to see a bunch of stuff about people I don’t know, friends of friends of friends, and I don’t want them to see my stuff. That is why there are privacy settings, right? I mean, I know… I am posting for all and sundry to see here on the blog, but for some reason it is different. Corporations DO need to be careful, because people are willing to go elsewhere to get what they want. Just might want to think about that Zuckerberg!


Enough of that let’s talk about fun stuff!

Chris and I got to go out for breakfast this morning. That was unusual and nice. I had a waffle. Interesting part? I only ate 3/4 of it. Yay me!

I have been maintaining my weight the last several weeks. It is abnormal for me to maintain a weight. I either go up or down (mostly up), but lately I am feeling very peaceful toward food. Amazing progress for me and I am very much enjoying it.


Do you find peace in the potatoes? I do. That is what I enjoy about gardening/harvesting. When I am picking blackberries, or picking bunches of basil, or cleaning the dirt off the freshly pulled potatoes, or any of those kind of mindless things where there is NO way to rush through it, it just takes the time that it takes, I have a great opportunity to let my mind just wander. I find that to be very peace-inducing. I think of all kinds of things. Sometimes I think about stuff to post, sometimes I think about people who have hurt me or abandoned me, sometimes I think about friends or fun things. It just depends, but it is a meditative time almost where I can just sit and think. How many opportunities do we get in life to just think? Not enough.

Here is (most of) the potato bounty:
Does anyone remember Right Said Fred??  “I’m Too Sexy!”
It is on the 90’s Hits station I am listening to right now. Ugh! This song was popular when I worked in retail in High School and it was on the repeat music video player we had in our store. I have to say, I eventually came to hate this song. HA!
Is there a song that was super popular at one time that you learned to hate? Where do you find peace in your life? What do you think of companies like Netflix and Facebook changing things?

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