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Weekend Review

My honey and I went on two drives this past weekend. The weather here has been GORGEOUS. We are still hitting 89 or 90 most days, sunny and just lovely.

Saturday we took off in the Samurai (after we went to the Growers Market). We headed up into the hills on the west side of the valley and went exploring. We found the logging site that we had stumbled upon earlier in the spring. They are all done logging now. The road was CRAYZAY! Ugh..I do NOT like cliffside roads. They make me anxious as all get out. I try to just breathe and pretend that I’m not like seconds from dying.

Chris always says he isn’t going to hurt me and that he would feel really bad if he like killed me or something, but I gotta tell ya, that is just NOT that reassuring. Sorry Chris. 🙂

Anyway, it was goregous! There was a slight chill in the breeze Saturday, so I had a light hoodie on, but it was so blissfully quiet and peaceful up there. 
We brought lunch.
I know…I know…CAFO chicken, trans fats…but it was DARN tasty! And it isn’t about abstinance, it is about awareness and moderation. I don’t eat at KFC (or fast food in general) every day. It is a pretty rare occurrence. Plus, I am *aware* of where that food comes from and that, to me, is half the battle.
Anyway, lunch was yummy and it was so quiet up there. We sat there for probably over an hour just visiting and watching the birds and the world go by. Chris said we were facing WEST. I didn’t believe him so I had to get the gps thingy on my phone out and see. Sure enough…west! I thought for SURE we were facing North. I get so turned around.
Anyway, on our way back we ended up cresting this hill and seeing that we were now heading east and had a great view of the Table Rocks and the valley. We also could see Mt. McLoughlin way off in the distance. She is mostly naked of snow now; just in time to get a new snow outfit any day now!
Our second trip was also in the Samurai, but we headed up to our favorite lake, Lost Creek. Normally we take the boat up there, but the water level is SO low now, that we weren’t even sure if we would be able to get it into the water.
Here are a couple of images to show the difference:
June water level
September water level:

We headed down an access road and came across this:

So, of course, we followed the road.

It DOES, indeed, end in water! At this point we are driving around on the lake bottom, which only 3 months ago was covered under hundreds of feet of water. See the tree line over there, across the lake? The water was at that level in June.
Here is another good couple of pictures:

Yup…pretty low. In fact, Chris and I found some fishing tackle in a tree at the top of this gully/wash. Now, this tree is normally UNDER water.

It was pretty crazy. It was HOT, too. We saw a sign on the way home that said 92 degrees. Yesh…the middle of September and over 90! I love it!

We had a super weekend, it was quiet, peaceful and fun.

How was your weekend? Did you have any adventures? Do you have any lakes or rivers that change this much, or some other fascinating natural phenomenon??

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