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The Month of Giving – American Red Cross

Happy December Friends!
So many of us look forward to December all year long! It is the HOLIDAY season! The season of giving, and receiving. The season of cookies, parties, and egg nog! Even if you are not religious or a Christian or a Christmas celebrator, December is still a festive month, full of colored lights and good will towards each other.
This morning, as I was preparing to head to my last full day of classes for Fall term (I still have a couple of finals next week) it hit me what I wanted to do for the month of December on my blog.
For the months of October and November I was posting on my Inspire the Light Facebook page a daily gratitude. Something that I was thankful for. I did a pretty good job of keeping it up and posting almost daily. I was thankful for lots of little things and big things and funny things and sweet things.
For December I want to do something a little different. I am going to post information daily about  charitable organizations that I think do good work. There will be a variety of organizations highlighted. I will provide some information about the organization and about the need they address. This is a way for me to “give” to these organizations by giving them a little free publicity. I will post a link in each blog post about the organization so you can find them easily if you are moved to donate. If you have a favorite charity you would like me to highlight please send me a message with some information about the organization. I will be highlighting local, national and international organizations. Some you may have heard of and hopefully some you have not.
Many folks give charitable contributions instead of gifts. Many folks are thinking about taxes and wanting to get some final tax deductions for 2011. Some folks just want to do something nice during the holiday season. If I highlight a charity that tugs at your heart strings, please consider making a donation. It is a tough time for many and if we all help just a little then the times will be a little less tough.
Merry Christmas!!
The first organization I am going to highlight is the American Red Cross.
The American Red Cross offers assistance to displaced people after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, provides education about CPR and First Aid to groups, and coordinates blood donation drives.
Why you should donate to the American Red Cross (from their website):

  • Because the Red Cross provides warm blankets to cold disaster victims.
  • Because 11-year-old Allison Wengerd was able to save her 3-year-old sister’s life using skills she learned in a Red Cross babysitter’s course.
  • Because the Red Cross coordinated blood and platelet donations to help keep volunteer Bruce Bahr alive.

When a disaster strikes, Americans depend on the Red Cross. In fact, families, friends and neighbors right near you depend on the Red Cross 24/7!

More than 200 times a day, families who have lost everything need our help. Every 60 seconds, 250 people are helped by Red Cross volunteers. And none of this would be possible without your financial support.

Donate today, and your gift will allow us to continue to be there when the next person needs us most.

Many of you recall that my mom was hospitalized last year for 10 weeks. During that time she was given lots of blood. Blood that is available for hospitals and trauma centers to use based on donations from people like you. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money this season, but perhaps you are eligible to give the gift of life. Hospitals and trauma centers use blood every single day. Platelets have a shelf life of only 5 days, which means that there needs to be a constant re-supply of blood platelets throughout the country. The American Red Cross hosts blood drives throughout the country and also takes appointments at your local American Red Cross chapter to donate blood.

Please consider visiting the American Red Cross Website to find out more about cash donations, blood donation opportunities or volunteer opportunities in your community.

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