Casa Beebe

The Friday Five #4

The Friday Five was created by Laura Virginia…check out her blog here.

1. What I Am Reading:

I finished Wicked. I thought it was great…but so different than what I thought, and from the play. I had to re-read The Help for a paper for school, so I did that over the weekend. And now…? I don’t have anything on my to-read pile, but I need to get something because I am almost done with school for Fall!! What about this? I don’t know anything about it other than there is a ton of hype and people claim it is awesome. Thoughts? Do I pick it up? Is it worth the hype??

2. What I Am Listening To:

Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics

Chris bought this CD several years ago, and at first I was skeptical. Now, it has grown on me and I find the songs to be hilarious. They are religiously irreverant, funny and totally South Park.

3. What I Am Watching:

The Closer is back for a short winter season! I will be SO sad to see this show end next summer. I *am* looking forward to the spin-off show starring Mary McDonnell in her role as Capt. Raydor. This show is honestly one of my favorite “cop” shows. They don’t take the easy way out on the story lines, the character dyanamics are awesome and I just find the whole thing to be engaging.

4. What I Am Eating:

Leftovers! Good grief we had/have a ton of leftovers! I am hoping to finish them off tonight for the most part because I want to make something different!

5. What I Am Pinning Thinking:

I am almost done with school for Fall! Somehow, though, I have a whole lot of homework to finish up before next week. I’m not sure how that happened exactly, but my weekend is going to consist of lots of studying.

I am also thinking about holiday baking, blog posts, charities to highlight and gift ideas! There is lots on my mind peoples!

What is your Friday Five? Link up your blog or post in the comments. Happy Friday!

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