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One thing I want to remind people about, as I highlight these various charities, is that there are more ways to give than just giving money!
A few of the charities I will be highlighting will have a variety of ways that you can support them, and in so doing, help others.
Today’s charity is
Many of you may have heard of the Cinderella Project, or various other prom dress projects. These organizations are fragmented throughout the country and not affiliated with each other. They often have names like “so and so’s closet”. They are located throughout the country, and also have locations in Canada and Europe. The goal of these organizations is to collect gently used special occasion dresses, like prom dresses, and either sell them at reduced prices or give them to girls who otherwise would not be able to afford them. is “The first national network to bring together local dress drive organizations across the U.S., we help you find one in your area so that once you’ve had your dream night, you can give another girl hers!” (from their website) facilitates the donation of prom and special occasion dresses to these various dress drive organizations.
Dress drive organizations hold “princess parties” at high schools throughout the country, or have various other dress try-on events for girls who would love to have the once in a lifetime experience of prom, but cannot financially afford the expense of dresses, jewelry, shoes and makeup.
The princess parties give these girls the opportunity to dress up and get ready for a magical and fun filled night.
Do you have a gently used special occasion dress hanging in your closet? Maybe one of those bridesmaid dresses, or another formal event dress? Perhaps even the Holiday dress you buy this year…if so, consider contacting to locate dress drive organization in your community.

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