Casa Beebe

Sad Kitty

Well I *was* going to write another post today about goals…specifically my goals for this week.

Instead, I am going to write about this:

This is my kitty…Ashley. She is 17 years old. I have had her since she was a tiny kitty. She is a big giant fur ball pain-in-the-ass. But, she is my fluffy friend.
Her health is taking a turn for the worse. Today she looked like this:

She is unable to hold her head up or stand up properly. She can hardly walk, it looks like she is drunk. I took her to the ER vet. I have taken her to the regular vet 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks, and thought we were getting things under control. But I guess we weren’t even treating the right stuff. 

This is her at the vets office today. She is in the window, scratching to get out. She doesn’t want to be there. It was funny, even though she was unhappy.
The diagnosis is kidney failure, potassium deficiency, too much acid in her system and anemia. The ER vet wanted about $1000 to run tests and keep her overnight for IV fluids. Yah. That’s not in the budget.
I brought her home. She ate a little tiny bit, drank a little tiny bit, and is now resting on her blankie.

Tomorrow I will take her to her regular vet and see what we can do. I know that sometimes kitties can live for a long time with kidney problems, so that is what I’m hoping for.

If you have a furry friend, give them some extra love tonight. I know little Miss Ash is going to be getting lots of snuggles.

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This entry was posted on December 12, 2011 by in health, pets.
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