Casa Beebe

Your Local Women’s Shelter

I’ve already posted about domestic violence statistics in the US, but it bears repeating.

One in Four people (not just women!) in the US will be a victim of Domestic Violence.

Women can be abusers, as well as be abused. However, it is more common for women to be on the receiving end of abuse.

Domestic Violence is not just physical assaults. It can include emotional, verbal and physical abuse, including partner rape.

Domestic Violence occurs across all socio-economic boundaries. You don’t have to be poor to be on the receiving end of Domestic Violence.

Today is Christmas Eve, and it might seem like a depressing topic, but many people will be attacked by their partner, lover or spouse today. The holidays are a time of increased stress and, often, increased alcohol and drug use. These factors often trigger violent outbursts in abusers.

As you prepare to celebrate your holiday with your family and loved ones, I hope that you do so with safety and security.

But for those that may not have that same opportunity, I ask that you consider looking into making a donation to your local Domestic Violence shelter, often found under Women’s Shelters. A quick Google search of “women’s shelter” followed by your town or state name will bring up many great organizations. There are also several national and international women’s advocacy groups that offer support to women trying to escape Domestic Violence.

As you are settling into the safety and security of your family this holiday, please take a moment and say a prayer for those who do not have that safety, and perhaps consider making a donation to your local women’s shelter or women’s safety organization.

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