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Earth Birth

Earth Birth
First of all: Merry CHRISTMAS DAY!!
I couldn’t think of a better charity to highlight on Christmas Day, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, than Earth Birth.
Admittedly, I am not overly familiar with Earth Birth, having only been introduced to it recently by a classmate, but from what I saw I was impressed. Maybe you will be, too.
From their website:


Earth Birth is an International Women’s Health Collective run by midwives to foster a movement that encourages and promotes safe and peaceful birth as an act of social justice and community healing. We approach women’s health care through a methodology that is both community centered and internationally connected. We build clinics and community centers that are sustained by Traditional Birth Attendants and Educators. Our birthing centers are not only clinics but community sustained spaces for refuge, learning and the sharing of stories. Our goals include lowered maternal and infant mortality rates, lowered mother to child HIV transmission, access to supplies, access to trauma counseling, the ability to articulate ones story and the facilitation of positive and empowered childbirth experiences.

We view childbirth as an act of social change. Safe and peaceful birth experiences are necessary for generations that are to live without war.

We are a community of health care professionals, activists and academics. We stand in solidarity with women who have been victims of war, who have been silenced, abused, or shunned. We move with and support those who have dedicated their lives to peace and justice, to creation in the face of destruction, to fearless resilience.

Earth Birth health care professionals travel to places like Uganda, Sudan and Brazil. They build birthing huts where women have a private room in which to give birth. They offer medical care and counseling. With the help of Earth Birth, incidents of disease and death, both of mother and child, decrease significantly in these areas.

From their website:

Here is what your cash donation can do:
$10: a box of non-sterile gloves
$35: A fetuscope, stethoscope/blood pressure kit
$50: Fund the training of a Traditional Birth Attendant
$100: A complete model of pelvis, fetus, placenta, etc.
$150: Books and educational supplies for birth attendants
$260: 12 infant resucitators
$300: Midwife Pack” of instruments and materials
$500: Replenish clinic with gloves, sutures, sterile cleaning supplies
$700: Model of a pregnant woman’s torso to teach palpation, etc.
$3500: The whole suite of supplies and equipment for a site

Today, as we celebrate birth, it is a good time to think about those women in areas where giving birth is much more of a life and death situation. We can help these women have positive and healthy birth experiences.
Merry Christmas!

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