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Thursday Thoughts

You know what is cool about making (lots) of your own freezer jam?

Pulling it out of the freezer over a year later and it still tastes super delicous and fresh.

I made this jam in July 2010. I just pulled a jar out of the freezer and had some on my toast this morning. DELICIOUS! And actually, I am out of blackberry freezer jam, which is my favorite, so I pulled some frozen blackberries out of the freezer and am going to make some more this afternoon!

See this is why I suffer all the pokes and scratches of picking blackberries in August my friends! Totally worth it when you can whip up some fresh homemade freezer jam in January.

I think I am going to make some blackberry muffins while I’m at it. YUM!

I was at Walmart the other day (I KNOW) and they had a display of DVD movies for $5. I found the first two Lord of the Rings movies for $5 each!! SCORE! I couldn’t find the third one, but I’ll keep looking!

And because I am a Twilight lover (I KNOW!) I was also super excited when Chris and I stopped by a local Blockbuster video store that is closing and they had New Moon and Eclipse for $2.99 each on BluRay! I totally bought them. Then I found the original Twilight at Target for $7. I bought that, too. Yes, I have watched them all since then. Dork. I did see that Breaking Dawn part 1 is at Walmart, too, but they wanted something like $20 bucks for it. I can wait, thank you.

Today I did something I have never done before. Ever. I did a backup of my laptop files onto a thumb drive. Yes, I did. Amazing. I am so not-techy.

You know what else? Netbooks are obsolete. I wanted to get a Netbook (very small laptop) to have for school. My laptop is quite big and very heavy. I don’t like to lug it around. A couple years ago when Chris first moved to Southern Oregon, while I was still in Portland, we bought him a little netbook for a couple hundred bucks. We wanted to be able to Skype each other and he could surf the net in his random hotel rooms instead of just watching TV. When we went to buy his in September 2009 there were tons to choose from. Today: 1. There was ONE at the store. Do you know what has replaced them? Tablets. Much  more expensive Tablets. I don’t want a Tablet.

So there ya go. Those are my thoughts for this Thursday. Have a great evening!

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