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Revisiting Resolutions

I thought the beginning of May was as good a time as any to review the progress (or not) on my goals for 2012.

1. Complete my Bachelor of Science in Human Communication by the end of Fall Term 2012 (December), including a Certificate in Human Resources Management and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution.

Sadly, for more than one reason, this goal will not be achieved. I am on track to graduate the end of Winter term 2013 which is less than a year from now. I am disappointed, but the reasons are outside of my control and I was prepared for this.

2. Lose 20 pounds.

I am happy to report progress is being made in this area. I would have to look and see what I weighed in January, but I have both gained and lost weight this year. Stress = time to eat for me and Winter term was pretty hectic. At any rate I have removed my winter weight and a few extra lbs as well. Either way: progress!

3. Complete the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 9th, 2012 in Hillsboro, Oregon. 13.1 miles.

I am on schedule to complete the half marathon, though due to the extreme time consumption of winter term I have opted to walk it instead of jog. Today I did a 7.24 mile training walk in just under 2 hours with just over a 15 min mile pace. Not too shabby! I will be able to complete the half in 6 weeks without too much difficulty if I keep training.

4. Exercise at least 20 minutes 183 days of the year.

I have done an absolutely horrible job of exercising regularly so far this year and an even worse job of keeping track. I have no idea where I am at on this goal and would have to put forth a significant amount of effort for the next 7 months to even come close to making it.

5. Complete 3960 exercise minutes during the year

Again, I have done a horrible job of keeping track, although I might have a better chance of hitting this one with the marathon training. 2-3 hour training walks will bump that number up pretty quickly!

That’s my update and progress report. It’s not perfect, but life never is. I am working within the constraints of my largest goal and that is to finish school as quickly as possible. School is my number one priority and so as long as I am focusing my energy on that (and not just screwing off) my other goals take a second place to that.

How are you doing on goal achievement for the year?

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