Casa Beebe

Now it’s Time For Fun!

Good Morning! It is officially time for fun!

Two of my favorite ladies appeared from the skies yesterday (flying in to the very large small Medford International Airport) to spend the weekend with me!

We had some crazy good times last Memorial Day (2011) when they were both here and I expect nothing less from this trip! We have a great weekend planned. We are going to go for a nice walk, do some wine tasting, go on a jetboat tour of the Rogue River, see Snow White and the Huntsman, eat cupcakes and enjoy lots of good sunshine and girlfriend time!
They are both still sleepin’ as we had kind of a late night. Jen’s flight got in around 10:30 and then we were up gossipin’ and catching up until about midnight. Can I get a yay for 6.5 hours of sleep? I actually feel pretty good this morning.
We are selling one of Chris’ cars this morning we had to be up early to do the deal with the buyers. Chris is out there now showing them some of the finer points. 

Bye Bye XR4Ti!

 I am enjoying some coffee on my patio in the sun. Ahhh…. summertime! My absolute favorite time of year.

What’s your favorite time of year? Summertime is my favorite because of the sunshine!! The delicious fresh food isn’t a bad selling point either. Longer days and warmer weather. It’s all good in the summertime!

Yesterday I made the most awesomest discovery!! (Don’t make fun of me, I’m not up on all this technology stuff).

I have Pandora on my blu-ray player!! Sweet! I rocked out yesterday morning to Lady Gaga Radio on Pandora while I finished getting the house cleaned and organized. So in love with this station! And I super love that I can play it through my house speakers. Loudly!

Roxie and I hung out after the house was clean waiting for Kelsey to get here on the 1:30 flight.

Once Kelsey arrived we hung out and soaked up the sun after a yummy lunch at Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe. So delicious! We split the teriyaki chicken and rice with macaroni salad.

Hi Kelsey!!
Have a great Friday everyone!! More adventures soon!

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