Casa Beebe

Tuesday Tumble

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for me.

I started a “diet” on Monday which means I am detoxing all the crap (sugar, alcohol, etc) from my system. Anytime I do this I get a raging headache for a couple of days as the toxins and crap leave my system. It is super fun.

I get up a while later and take some advil with some water. I know advil is not on my detox but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya just gotta do.

I went back to bed.

The headache did not abate.

I was miserable.

Then I got really hot and sweaty.

And then…

I realized I was going to be sick.

Oh yes. It was lovely.

Around 4:30 in the morning (having been awake the whole time) I am up and sick. Blech.

I feel much better after this and finally get back to sleep.

I get up and get ready for my day at school, feeling totally fine. Although, I am running a smidge late due to sleeping a bit later than normal due to the middle of the night shenanigans.

As I am rushing to class, wearing a dress and sandals, out of no where…

I fall down.

Yes. On the ground.

In front of a bunch of people.

In a dress.

On the pavement.

So embarrassing.

Like a six year old I skinned and bloodied my knee and the palm of my hand.

I head to class (I’m running late remember?) and I rush in and sit down, thinking all the time that my knee is just scraped.


A little while later I look down and see that my knee is covered in a big glob of oozing blood and nasty.

So gross.

PLUS: this class sits in a circle, so almost everyone in the room could see my nasty, bloody, scraped up knee.

This picture was taken after I got home and cleaned it all up. I did go out of class at the break and clean it up a bit, but it was still oozing. The front of my knee is all swollen and there is a big bruise underneath the scrape. My shin and the front of my ankle are also scraped, and my left palm has a gouge in it.

And now it is sore and the skin is all stiff.


How was your Tuesday or Wednesday? Today was a good day…still have a headache, but I’m hanging in there. Plus I “met” another cousin of mine at school today, which was cool.

We are on the downhill side of the week!!

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