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Fall Term 2012

Well kids, I survived week one of 11 of Fall Term 2012!

I am registered for 24 credits (no that is not a typo) but 8 of them are the credits I get for doing my internship over the summer. I still need to write a 12 page research paper/report about my experience and how it relates to communication, but I don’t have any “in-class” time associated with 8 of those credits.

I am taking four other classes, 3 on campus and one online.

First up is Using GIS in Business, which seems like it is going to be a pretty awesome class where we actually use Geographic Information Systems to map all kinds of neat-o things, and actually do a term project utilizing the stuff we learn. I’m already excited about this class!

Next is Negotiation, where I will be learning some of the do’s and don’ts of good negotiation skills. Also should be a good class, taught by one of my favorite instructors and has many students in it that I am friendly with. This class will have quite a bit of work associated with it, including a project, but I’m interested to see what I learn.

Then I have Non-Verbal Communication, taught by the same instructor. This class I already love/hate. I love it because it has so much valuable information, but I hate it (not really) because it makes me THINK. My assumptions are questioned (not a bad thing) and I am pushed to evaluate myself and others in a different way. I actually really like this and am really looking forward to what else I can get out of this class. This class is also fairly work intensive, but hopefully the work will provide value and not just be busy work.

Lastly, I have Principles of Human Resource Management. This is a class that I actually hope I get to learn some more specifics about HR than I have in my previous business classes. There is some busy-work to this class, which is annoying, but typical.

After this term I have (as far as I know and have been told by my advisor) ONE class left to take in Winter term. And technically, if I wasn’t working on the Human Resource Management Certificate, I would be done the end of this term. I will have enough credits and all the required courses for both my Communication degree and my Conflict Resolution certificate. WOOHOO! I’m almost done! I will  have completed 2 years worth of higher education in 6 consecutive terms.

The other big news of the day is that today Christopher and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Yep, 15 years ago today I married my best friend and the greatest guy a gal could ask for. He is still my bestie today, and I’m so glad to have him in my life.

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