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Weekend Review 10-8-12

So we will see if I am able to get *this* weekend review post uploaded before Thursday…. insert eye roll here.

Chris and I had a great weekend! Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many (like none) pictures of said great weekend. You will just have to use your imaginations, like in the olden days.

Friday night started off with Chris shutting off his pager for the weekend. YAY! That’s right Chris was not on call this weekend.


Haha…while searching for the above graphic I stumbled upon this one and I think Chris would really appreciate it:


Also, I think he would totally agree with this one:

Ha! So true.

Anyway, the big bustling metropolis of Medford (sarcasm) has just installed an REI and Friday was the grand opening. Chris is an REI member, so we headed over there to check out the new store. We were not impressed. It really was a big overpriced clothing store with a few small sections for various sports equipment. The REI in Portland has a big section for kayaking/rafting but we didn’t see any kayaking stuff here. Also, for being a brand new store, it is small and the sections are small and all crammed together. Meh…I don’t need to go back.


Dinner at home of grilled steaks and mashed cauliflower, or what I like to call “faux-tatos.” Tasty!

Saturday we took a road trip down into California. We went to Lake Shasta and walked around at one of the marina’s (Holiday Harbor) admiring the beautiful water, the gorgeous day and all the different boats and houseboats. So pretty.

On the dock we saw this big…you know I’m not even sure what this is…cable pully? Anyway, it says “Beebe Bros. All Steel 2 Ton Winch. Oh…well I guess it is a winch. HA. dork.  And then it says Seattle USA and a serial number. Chris thought this was pretty cool…you know, considering our last name is Beebe and we are from the Seattle area.

The lake itself was still beautiful and clear, but the water level is L-O-W. Check out the “boat ramp” area:

Yeah, it’s all mud, and what you can’t see in this picture is two huge, deep trenches in the mud under the water from where people have pulled their boats in and out in the past. This is the higher water launch. To the right there is the low water launch which is still usable, but barely.

After exploring, doing a little shopping at the gift shop, and enjoying the mid-80’s weather, we  headed off in search of lunch. We ended up at the Old Mill Eatery on Shasta Dam Blvd in Shasta Lake, Ca.

Old Mill Eatery
The Old Mill Eatery is a log cabin building with a nice menu of burgers, sandwiches, salads and breakfasts. Their servings are HUGE. Seriously, get one order and split it if you ever go here. Chris ordered the pastrami burger. 

There is a burger patty under all that pastrami somewhere…

I had a chicken salad that was ginormous. The food and prices were good. It is a husband-wife operation, so the service was not spot-on, but friendly and relaxed. We will definitely keep the Old Mill Eatery in mind if we are in the area again. We would rather go here than In-n-Out!

The rest of the day was just spent driving around and enjoying our day.

Sunday we did some work in the garden, some homework stuff, and did some shopping. We spent the whole weekend together enjoying having the freedom to do whatever we wanted without worrying about Chris having to go off to work.

Now it is Monday morning and it is back to school and work for the week!

Did anyone see Frankenweenie this weekend? That is one thing we were thinking of doing, but didn’t quite make it. Any thoughts or reviews??

Have a great Monday!

(Looks like I did it…hitting publish in 3-2-1…)

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