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Portland Visit, Continued

While I was in Portland last week I did several things. I saw my friends, I went shopping at some of my favorite places, and I went to some good places to eat!

When I left off it was Thursday morning and I was getting ready to head out and do some shopping. Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to meet me (darn work!) so I headed off on my own.

First stop: HomeGoods!

I love HomeGoods! It is kind of like a Ross or Marshall’s but focused on home stuff only: dishes, decorations, furniture, bath, kitchen and knick knacks.

Let’s just say I didn’t leave empty handed.

I bought this shoe organizer to help clean up the disaster area that is my shoe closet. I have been so frustrated lately with trying to find my shoes.

 I love the design and it was inexpensive. It is made to hold 12 pairs of shoes, but I put about 22 pairs of shoes in there (including sandals and flip-flops). The sad part: I still have a ton of shoes in my closet. Okay Imelda Marcos. Anyway, this little darling slid right under the bed and now I have some organization going on in the shoe closet.

You know how people have those little sayings on their walls like “Live, Laugh, Love?” Well, I’m not so much about that. I am more about this instead:

This had a little chip in the corner so I asked them to discount it, which they did.

A little black sharpie magic and voila!

I also bought this super fuzzy soft blanket. I am so in love with this pattern! Everything I see with this pattern I want!

I also bought a new plastic insulated cup, and two stainless steel travel mugs.

I almost forgot! I saw these and fell in love. Had to buy them. Had to!

They are porcelain “fry baskets!” I don’t make fries really, but these will be great for smaller portions or as snack serving dishes for say like Superbowl Sunday! BOOM! 

After HomeGoods I headed over to Burlington Coat Factory. Another of my favorite discount stores!

I bought a bunch of stuff that I didn’t take pictures of, like belts, some jewelry, socks, a Christmas gift and towels.

When my mom was here this summer she was folding some of my laundry and told me I needed to get new towels. Towels are expensive!! And if they are inexpensive they are super cheap feeling. I found some nice fluffy soft towels for $5.99. There ya go, mom…new towels.

Next stop was my favorite sushi restaurant: Sushi Hana! Oh I love Sushi Hana!

Bad photo quality due to the direction of the sun…

I know this isn’t raw fish, but it is my favorite sushi roll ever. It is tempura asparagus, cream cheese, seaweed (nori?), rice, tempura and a hot sauce drizzled over it. OH my goshness….I love this! I had two. I also had two salmon and a house special egg/tuna salad/crab salad roll. I very purposefully did not eat the entire restaurant, though I certainly could have!

I popped in to Payless Shoes to look for grey boots, but no luck. Target is in the same parking lot as Sushi Hana and Payless so I headed over there. I wanted to see if they had grey boots (no) and I had to buy some of these bad boys:

Yes! Touchscreen compatible gloves for $3.00. Thanks to Cassie over at Back To Her Roots for the heads up on these! I put them to work on Saturday at the Monster Dash. They totally work! No more having to take my gloves off to answer my phone or send a text. So cool.

I also saw this, which I did NOT buy because I already have 5 crock-pots, but I seriously wanted to!

I told you! I’m just in love with this design.

After Target it was time to wrap up my shopping trip. I headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit. I ended up going to Massage Envy and getting a 90 minute massage. BLISS!

The evening was a whirlwind, but that story will have to wait for later! This post is long and it’s time for me to get ready for school!

What is your favorite discount store? 

One comment on “Portland Visit, Continued

  1. Shorey
    November 2, 2012

    Yeah for shopping and of course massage for after all the hard work. Ross is my favorite one.

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