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The Friday Five 2 Nov ’12

I’m switching up the Five a bit. Why? Well I want to post a five more regularly, but I don’t have enough new material to post every week. I don’t have a new book, show or movie, music, etc., every week and so I just don’t post a five. I have decided (it is my blog after all) that my five will be a collection of things that I think are interesting, cool, or whatever that I want to share with you but don’t really make up a full blog post on their own. It is a work in progress and I may tweak it as I go. If you have a suggestion for a “five” regular item, let me know!

I created a new icon for the 5 as well…I’m open to suggestions or if anyone just wants to create a really cool image for me…that would be super swell. I will, of course, give you credit for it.

Here we go, The Friday Five for 2 November 2012:

1. Food

Thanks to Cassie over at Back To Her Roots and my brand new Trader Joe’s I was inspired to make my own version of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana. I love their Zuppa, but I don’t need to eat out to enjoy it, and with Cassie’s inspiration I was able to tweak the recipe a bit to make it my own.

I know, it doesn’t look all that appetizing, but it was delicious and so easy!

I browned some seasoned pork sausage in a big stockpot. I removed that from the pan and saved just enough of the grease to saute an onion and a big scoop of minced garlic in. Once that was nice and soft and aromatic, I took about 5 cups or so of previously homemade chicken broth and added it to the pan with the onions, along with the previously cooked sausage. I half moon sliced up some potatoes and added those to the mix as well. Then I just let it simmer for quite a long time to let the potatoes “overcook” a bit so they would break down and create a creamier consistency of soup. I added a bit of salt and pepper toward the end, along with about a half a teaspoon of fennel seed. Just before serving I tossed in about 3/4 of a bag of pre-washed chopped kale and let it wilt.

That’s it! No butter or cream but a nice creamy consistency.

How good was it?

We ate the entire pot for dinner. Uhm…yah…Olive Garden ain’t got nothin’ on me! This recipe is easy, quick to prepare, and deeeelicious!

2. Funny

I saw this sign at HomeGoods when I was in Portland last week…I almost bought it!

3. Fashion

Madden Girl Women’s Piinup Boot. Zappo’s had these for about $70, but I found them on Amazon for $46! I paid $3.99 for overnight shipping and less than 24 hours after clicking “check out” I had these beauties in my possession. Oh…I am in looooove!

4. Friends

Well, Words With Friends to be more precise. Basically, I suck.

This screen shot showing a score of 457 to 231 is typical of the SHARKS I play against on WWF. Look at that game board! All  those really cool words and multi-layer words are not mine. 
I am having fun with it, but I have lost pretty much every game I have played! 
5. Future
I am almost done with my last FULL class-load term. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! We are wrapping up week 6, which means only four weeks left! Crazy! Next term I will take ONE class, and it is on the satellite campus here in Medford, rather than Ashland (20 ish minutes down the freeway) and it is only ONE day a week! At night! Wooohooo! Seriously, I am so close. I am scared and nervous and excited about what my future will hold. I am so so so hopeful that I find a job that really utilizes my talents and helps fulfill me in some way. 
What is your five this week? 

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