Casa Beebe

January Joiner

For years and years and years and years I had a gym membership. Sometimes I was great about using it, other times I wasn’t. For many years it was right across the street from my office and I literally would walk across the street at lunch and workout. Then that gym closed and the new gym was farther away, but I went there pretty regularly with my friend Kelsey.

When I moved to Medford it didn’t take long for me to join a local gym, but I almost immediately had a bad experience there with the personal trainer (who I found out later was my next door neighbor – awkward!), which made it uncomfortable for me to go there. I went for a while and actually started using the pool, which was my first experience with swimming for fitness. Eventually though, I slacked off and eventually cancelled the membership.

It was fine because I was doing lots of home workouts, hiking, walking and other fitness activities so I didn’t feel like the gym was my solution at that time.

Recently I have really been feeling the pull of the gym. The reason? I want to get back to swimming and yoga classes.

I started researching pools and gyms in the area a few weeks ago. I made some calls and looked into pricing and ultimately decided to try out a different gym than the last one I joined here in Medford.

Superior Athletic Club is my new gym! 
I headed over there today, signed up and got my swim on!
The pool is a six-lane, 25 yard, salt water pool that is heated to about 83 degrees. 
My face is all scrunchy because my swim cap is TIGHT. So funny!
I slipped into the middle lane, which I had to myself for my whole swim, and started swimming my laps. I mix it up with a variety of strokes, depending on what I’m feeling. Back and forth I went with no breaks for 30 minutes! That is a pretty darn good start if you ask me. 
One really nice thing about this gym is the separate facilities for “families” and “adults only.” The adults only locker rooms are where the sauna and jacuzzi tubs are. After I was done with my swim I headed to the jacuzzi for a short relaxing soak. 
So lovely. 
Other cool features of this gym: tons of NEW equipment, a “crossfit”-esque fitness room, a womens only cardio and fitness room, two separate stretching rooms, and TONS of different weight machines and lots of space. I am pretty stoked!
I can’t wait to head back for another swim, and I need to check the schedule for the yoga classes. 
Whoohoo! I’m excited. 
Are you a January Joiner?

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