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It’s Time!!

Hello Friends!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been feeling a little depressed and just couldn’t get my act together to actually write anything. Also, I was trying to really limit my computer time in an effort to force myself to be more active to help alleviate the depression. I’m feeling a bit better and hope to continue that trend, and continue posting content regularly! Thanks for understanding.


The SUN is shining….thank the heavens!

You know what else? It’s that time of year again….

What time?

I’ll give you a hint or two…

It’s time to plant my starts! Or my seeds for what will eventually be my starts.

The last frost date here in Southern Oregon isn’t until mid-May, so I have a long time until I can plant my tomatoes and peppers outside, but the growing season isn’t long enough to give them a good chance to get big and produce if I just plant them outside in mid-May as seeds. The solution? Plant the seeds indoors and nurture them over the next several months until they are big enough and the danger of frost has passed.

Today I planted Roma, Grape, Jelly Bean, Black Krim, Mortgage Lifter, Big Rainbow and German Green tomato seeds and two different types of basil.

Last year our peppers really struggled, even though we started them indoors, so this year I am doing a bit more to encourage them. I got the dirt and labels ready, but I haven’t planted any pepper seeds yet. I am going to soak and sprout them first and then plant the tiny sprouted seeds. Peppers are notoriously finicky, so I’m hoping this little extra step will help us have more peppers this year.

Chris was so disgusted with the lack of pepper production last year that he said he is just going to spend the money on store-bought starts this year. I’m willing to give it another try starting them myself. I will plant some hot jalapeno, mixed color bell pepper and some poblano.

Who’s happy the sun is shining?? This girl.

Are you growing any fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers this year?

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