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Meal Plan February

Did I tell you that I wrote a dinner meal plan for the whole month of February?

Yup. The whole  month.

After I spent all that time doing an inventory of my freezer, I decided I should actually come up with a plan to use all that great stuff!

Now, I don’t expect to follow this exactly. In fact, there have already been several alterations or changes that have occurred over the last week or so.

But I have been using it as a guide and even if I decide to make something different from what is on the menu for the day, switch days around, or as happened on Saturday night, something unexpected comes up and we aren’t home for dinner, it has still given me a greater awareness of what is hiding in my freezer.

As a result, I have been doing an incredible job of using stuff from the freezer in my meals instead of buying more stuff.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and as far as food went I bought some fresh veggies, some lunch stuff (meat/cheese/wraps) for Chris and a bunch of household stuff like toilet paper and paper towels.

Another great bonus is that our meals are being varied and I’m bringing back some favorites that sometimes get skipped, like Posole and spinach lasagna.

This week:

Monday: Pesto veggie pasta
Tuesday: Pork chop, healthy fries, green veg
Wednesday: Poblano Corn Chowder
Thursday: it says cod, but I realized is is Valentine’s Day so I am changing it to steak, potato and veg.
Friday: Pesto Basil Artichoke Mozzarella pizza
Saturday: Shrimp Poblano “curry

As far as workouts go, well I am still doing a pretty good job of doing something most days. I am still really struggling with my neck/shoulder/back issue. It gets better, but then I DO something, like workout with high intensity or scrub my bathroom from floor to ceiling and then I am put back out of commission for several days. I’m working on it though and trying to keep my chin up.

Sunday: Walked for 2.5 miles
Monday: Recumbent bike for 40 minutes
Tuesday: Yoga for 28 minutes
Friday: rest day

I don’t know exactly. My workouts are somewhat dependent on how my shoulders and neck are doing. Yoga if I’m not doing so good, a walk or some other cardio if I am doing better. My ultimate goal at this point is to just keep doing some kind of workout, ANYTHING, at least 5 days of the week.

That’s the plan kids!!

Do you have a plan? Lent starts tomorrow…do you observe? Are you giving anything up?

I am taking on a meditation practice. I hope to use the next 40 days to incorporate guided meditation into my life on a regular basis. I won’t say daily, but several times a week.

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