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The Friday Five 3.29.13


1. What I’m Reading

You can’t say that I’m really “reading” this as much as using it as a tool to improve my skillz.

From Amazon: A comprehensive reference to the newest version of the world’s most popular spreadsheet application: Excel 2010

John Walkenbach’s name is synonymous with excellence in computer books that decipher complex technical topics. Known as “Mr. Spreadsheet,” Walkenbach shows you how to maximize the power of all the new features of Excel 2010.

An authoritative reference, this perennial bestseller proves itself indispensable no matter your level of skill, from Excel beginners and intermediate users to power users and potential power users everywhere. Fully updated for the new release, this latest edition provides comprehensive, soup-to-nuts coverage, delivering over 900 pages of Excel tips, tricks, and techniques you won’t find anywhere else.

One of my goals for 2013 was to learn Excel (better). I have used Excel for years, but only on a very basic and superficial level. One skill that I want to increase, both for my personal use and for business, is my level of comfort and knowledge with Excel. This book is going to help me do that! Also, I signed up for a two day class the end of April which will also (hopefully) give me some much needed additional knowledge.

2. What I’m Watching

I haven’t seen it yet, but plan on going this weekend. I’m excited! Have you seen it? What did you think? NO SPOILERS! I mean, I know how the story ends…haha…No really, don’t spoil it for me.

3. What I’m Listening To

Adele Skyfall

This song is just…SO amazing. I love it. Of course, it is Adele, so there’s that.

4. What I’m Looking Forward To


5. What I’m Thankful For

I have had the same phone number since 1996. Yes, you read that right. I have managed to maintain my contacts intact all those years. Amazing! Three days ago my beloved HTC Incredible 2 just QUIT. I tried to get it repaired (no luck) and they said I was going to lose all my contact info. It looked like my photos and so forth were backed up but my contacts weren’t. Verizon was awesome and sent me a refurbished phone for free under my warranty, with free overnight shipping, too! Amazingness of all amazingness: my contacts were backed up on Verizon’s site and POOF! Like magic they downloaded into my new phone! OH Man…I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of this!!

I didn’t lose a single number, email or address. I also didn’t lose a single picture or video. I am SUPER thankful and so impressed with Verizon Wireless (once again).  So take this as your little nudge reminder: check to make sure you pics and contacts are backed up! My phone gave me no warning before it just stopped working. No glitches or weirdness. Just done.

Have a Happy Easter Weekend!! Eat Lots of HAM, or whatever.

What’s your five this week?

2 comments on “The Friday Five 3.29.13

  1. lesamcmahon
    March 29, 2013

    Is it this same 5 items each week? I’ve never really participated in any bloggy things like this. Give me the 411. 🙂

    • Corrie Beebe
      March 29, 2013

      Hey Lesa! Thanks for dropping by Casa Beebe!

      I first found the Friday Five on a site called Meet Virginia. She has since stopped doing it, but I know a few other blogs that continue to do it. I used to do it every Friday, but honestly I had a hard time coming up with “new” stuff every week. It was too frequent for me. Now I seem to average about once a month, which is better for me.

      The first three (for me) are always the same. What I’m reading, watching and listening to, but the last two vary. Sometimes I put what I’m eating and loving, sometimes I put what I’m looking forward to, or am grateful for, and I have put what I’m Pinning a few times as well. I always try to finish by asking people what is their five for the week. I get more responses on FB than on the blog directly, but that is cool. I like to see what other people are up to! You should try it!

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