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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year Friends!


As is my custom, I like to set some goals in January, and this year is no different. But before I share my goals for 2014 with the world, let’s recap how I did with my 2013 goals.

Here is what I wrote last year:

Here is my “to do” list for 2013:
1. Find a Job.
This is pretty critical for me this year. I am done with school except for one class and it is time now to rejoin the workforce. I have already started working on this and it will be a primary focus over the next weeks.  
2. Complete the Happy Girls Half Marathon May 26, 2013 (running!)
I have signed up for this half marathon already and as soon as I recover from this cold I have been battling I will start working on training for it. I plan to actually run this one. I have already downloaded a training app on my phone that will help get me started. I plan to participate in at least one or two other events this year as well, but this one is my primary goal.
3. Read a minimum of 24 books.
The last few years the majority of my reading has been textbooks. I really enjoy reading for pleasure and want to focus on taking time to do that this year. Less computer time wasting, less tv watching (though I hardly watch tv anyway) and more reading time. I am not sure how many books I read last year, but I figured a reasonable goal was 2 a month. I will be keeping track on my Goodreads page. Feel free to join me there!
4. Learn Excel and how to take better pictures.
Almost everything I know about Excel has been self-taught, and I don’t know that much. I would like to know more, both for my own personal edification but also for my job skill set. I have already looked into a community education class about learning Excel and may dive into that or another class at the community college.
Another thing I really want to do this year is learn to take better pictures. I have a blog and part of that is photography, which I am terrible at. I want to improve that skill to make my blog better and just because it is always something I have wanted to learn.
5. Lose 20 lbs and keep it off. 
Yes, here it is again. A weight loss goal. I know I can lose the weight, but keeping it off is the challenge for me. I have made great strides in managing my weight over the last 6 or 7 years. It has been a long journey for me. Every year I learn more about myself, what works and what doesn’t. This year I need to focus on getting the excess weight off and really concentrate on keeping it off. That will be my big challenge.
So, how did I do? 
I did better with the first few than the last couple. I did finish school in March. I found a temporary position in April. I graduated in June and in July I found another temporary position, that has expanded into a longer assignment. While I have not yet found “the job” I have worked since the end of April, so I call that a success!
Next up, complete the Happy Girls Half Marathon (running). I did complete the half and I did run…some of it. It turned out to be better for me to “wog” or walk/jog interval the event. I did fine, definitely not fast. And I have pretty much decided that 13 miles is longer than I want to do. I feel like 15k’s are my gig (9.7 miles). But, I did it and it was good! Success on goal number 2.
Number three I am calling a success even though I missed the mark by 3.5 books. I read 20 books completely, half of two other books, a few chapters in one book, and started an additional book. So, the spirit of the goal was fulfilled, which was to focus time on “pleasure” reading.
Goal number four was to learn Excel and how to take better pictures. I did learn MORE about Excel, took a class and tried to continue practicing, but I still would not say I am an Excel master. I still fall in the amateur category. As for better pictures…all I did in this realm was buy a new mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and learn to use instagram. Ha!
Oh goal number five. Let’s just say I pretty much did the opposite. Perhaps I misunderstood my goal?? Oy. Oh well…today is a new day and new YEAR and therefore there are NEW goals!!
1. Find a long-term job. 
This seems strikingly similar to last year’s goal, but with one exception. I have worked two temporary positions in 2013 and my work related goal in 2014 is to find a long-term position.
2. Complete at least 2 fitness events. 
I am already signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in San Diego in March. Kelsey, who is awesome, is going with me and several other girlfriends have been invited. We’ll see who all shows up! I would like to do at least one more event, probably later in the year. Kelsey and I have talked about the Crater Lake Rim Run so that is a possibility, but I am also keeping my eyes open for other events that might be fun. NO COLOR or MUD runs, thank you very much!
3. Read at least 24 books. 
I liked this goal so much, and would really like to honestly achieve it, that I have decided to roll it over into 2014. 24 books. I am going to clarify that they can be audio or physically read and they will still count. I would like at least half of them to be physically read. You can keep up with how I’m doing over on Goodreads.
4. Finances
Going to school and not working depleted my savings account pretty substantially. Plus, by not working I haven’t been contributing to my retirement or saving. One of my big goals for 2014 is to increase my savings and contributions to my retirement. I do have some plans on how to make this happen.
5. Get to my feel great weight. 
Yeah, so I did not lose weight last year. I gained weight overall, despite efforts at being active and watching what I ate. This year I am not focusing on a particular number of pounds, rather my focus is continuing to keep health, wellness, better food choices, and regular activity as a regular part of my life. In essence, my goal is to focus on living my mantra. My mantra: Don’t wait! Live the life you want right now! This has meaning for me because the life I want is one that is full of health and vitality, being comfortable in my own body and clothes, and making a meaningful contribution to my household and my community.
There we have it. 5 main goals for my year.
Do you have any goals for 2014? Share!

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