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Goals Week 12/18/11

I was reminded (again) why exercise is about more than just adjusting my BMI. I suffer struggle with anxiety issues that can be very debilitating. When I am not taking good care of my body, when I don’t exercise, when I eat 5 or 6 cookies and then have an egg nog latte, and don’t eat vegetables and am sad because my kitty is gone, the anxiety hits me hard.

And it kinda knocks some sense into me.

I know better than this.

I know I can’t ignore my body and my physical activity and eat total garbage. Especially if I am already emotionally “heightened” like I am right now because of my kitty, Christmas, money, stress and blah blah blah.

Yesterday I ate crap. I didn’t exercise. I sat around much of the day doing nothing. That was a mistake.

My anxiety kicked in last night and made for a super fun evening. <—sarcasm.

Today, I KNEW I had to pay attention to my body and take care of myself. (Sometimes I am so dense.)

So, what better way to kick myself into gear with taking care of both my physical and mental health than by setting some goals for the week?

NO better way!

MY goals are pretty simple:

Exercise at least 20 minutes a day Sunday through Thursday.

Drink water or tea, skip coffee, and only have alcohol at our holiday festivities on Friday.

Eat veggies or fruits with every meal.

Limit Christmas “treats” to two per day maximum prior to Friday. (I’m gonna have more than two treats on Friday because that is our “Christmas” celebration.)

That’s it! Those are my goals for this week.

I started off the day on the right foot!

Banana and water for early breakfast, followed by 40 minutes of Firm Burn and Shape. Oatmeal and pb for late breakfast. More water. Clementine for snack. More water. Lunch was quinoa, black beans and cumin heated in the micro and topped with fresh tomato and avocado (SO GOOD) plus a hardboiled egg. Tea. Dinner was homemade chicken enchiladas. I had two. More tea. NO Christmas Treats, coffee or alcohol.

Success for day 1!

Incidentally, I’m feeling much more relaxed and less anxious and tense this evening. Coincidence? Unlikely.

What are your goals for the week? Are you throwing in the towel because of Christmas or hanging on my a thread??

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